A powerful proven process for change

Building a bridge to your future


We all yearn to take ideas that excite us and accomplish them through actions.  But how do we do it effectively?  Coaching builds the bridge between where you are now and where you want to go.

Two ways to change your life


1. Band-aid Solutions

Band-aid solutions are short-term fixes where you waste time and energy trying to solve a symptom instead of the real problem, which keeps us in a  loop of frustration and ineffectiveness. The same issue shows up over and over again, cleverly disguised as something new.

You will never achieve lasting positive outcomes from band-aid solutions.



2. Effective Solutions

In order to resolve problems successfully and create positive change, you must get to the root issues. Often we can't see them ourselves - blind spots are distortions that we all have, that we don't know we have. When you get to the core issues and can see them clearly, you can effectively solve problems and watch long standing issues disappear.


core issues

From self doubt to self mastery

I'm not going to offer you an instant solution to everything. I imagine like most people you're tired of marketing slogans and self help quotes.

What I am offering is an empowerment process to find your own answers, which will support and encourage you to experience clarity and self awareness, develop flexible thinking styles and reduce self defeating behaviors that hold you back.


Growth mindset

The magic is in the moments

Life in the digital era is fast and complex.  It's easy to get overwhelmed and in the process we start to lose track of what really matters to us. Think about special moments in your life that you missed because you were stuck in your head, worrying about the future or obsessing about the past.

 Have you noticed how often that happens in daily life?  Just because your body is there, doesn't mean you are.  Over time, those moments add up, and you can never get them back.

Mindfulness helps you disengage from living on autopilot.

Mindfulness is an integral part of my strategy for reducing stress and increasing happiness.  It's a process of turning your mind into a friend, not an enemy.  

You can listen or read about it here



The Inside Out Solution

Stop chasing happiness → Start creating fulfillment

You could say all of us are on a treasure hunt to find the things that will make us happy.  Some are obvious, like money, a good job, healthy relationships and a home. Some are less obvious, like finding deeper meaning and purpose.  We drive ourselves hard with work, responsibilities, and schedules; when mistakes happen, we beat ourselves up.  We rarely celebrate our accomplishments, instead racing to the next thing on our "to do" list.

No wonder we end up feeling like we're on a treadmill with no off button. Despite all the wonderful things we achieve, it never feels like quite enough, or we're not good enough - yet.  So we chase harder, often with serious consequences to our well being.  Once we stop chasing things and start creating fulfillment, the things we have been looking for will find us. 

Michèle Duquet testimonial
David has the rare ability to create a completely safe space, one that he holds with the highest intention. I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed at the perfect time. In only 3 sessions, together we were able to zero in on what is my soul purpose.

I am now deep into a new project that is filling my me with joy and passion. David has a profound gift, and his work is indeed sacred. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
— Michèle Duquet - Michèle’s Organics Inc - Toronto, Ontario