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Life is heart-achingly beautiful. There are moments you wish you could hold onto forever.  It’s also messy, challenging and mysterious. Everybody has an issue they're struggling with, no matter how good their life looks on paper. Sometimes you win, and it’s intoxicating. Sometimes, in spite of your most heroic efforts, you lose and it’s makes you question everything.

We all wonder what epic feat we might be capable of,  if we weren’t always second guessing ourselves, or fearing failure. Don't we all share the desire to live a life we feel proud of?  Don't we all want to understand our gifts and talents and use them for our highest good?

So how do we find what we’re looking for?  

How do we create better circumstances?  

How do we learn to enjoy our life, even while striving to make it better, richer and more meaningful?  

I combine two powerful methods, which solve problems, create transformation and reveal deeper levels of satisfaction in our personal and professional lives. It is the intersection where ancient wisdom meets modern coaching.

improve your happiness

Mindfulness brings clarity, insight, acceptance and harmony.

Less stress - More joy.

Simplify your life

Whole Life Coaching connects the dots in your life, allowing you to create a compelling vision for the future, empowering yourself to reach your cherished goals.


My name is David Frank Gomes and I am a Professional Coach & Mentor. I have been referred to as a relentless idealist, practical thinker, sounding board, fixer and someone who always provides a fresh perspective. I am a self confessed enemy of the status quo, and my grade 5 teacher said I was creative but had a tendency to be disruptive in class. I know how to connect the dots and find the heartbeat in ideas and people. I don't yet know what specific issue has brought you to my doorstep, but I know you are looking for a solution to a problem, obstacle or dilemma. You need to create change or re-inspire yourself.

Please look around my website for a few minutes, and you’ll get a sense of my approach, and you can choose to book a complimentary clarity session if you’re curious. And feel free to watch my short video below.

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What clients say about working with me

Working with David has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. My path before I found him was dark and painful. After having my first child I suffered from devastating post partum, after two years without sleep, job transitions, family health issues, a serious deficit in self care and a changing identity, my marriage started to crack.

David helped me re-orient myself to my new life. He helped me to remember the significance of my spiritual journey and he walked me through the fog to discover and embrace my true values.

Talking with David is like talking to the most wise, humble and interesting friend you have. I had never before experienced the level of connection I felt with him on deep and difficult topics and often left those conversations either weeping with gratitude or rushing from a new insight.

He inspires compassion, love and growth. My family will be forever grateful that we came upon him in our time of need. He has created a space for us to grow into our best selves.
— Sarah Iacoe / Manager, Special Projects V.P.B. - Vancouver, B.C.
One of Canada's more influential business coaches
David is a caring soul who has always paid close attention to the journey of the heart. He has never moved with the crowd but rather always sought his own pathway to contentment and serenity. I found myself in deep conversations with him about the issues in my own journey. It is in his very nature to listen and care about what he is hearing. He has a very intuitive way of helping people find their own path of self realization and move closer to their destiny. I feel this isn’t something David has learned as much as is a gift that he has been born with.

— Michael Haldane / Executive Producer - NorthKamp - Salt Spring Island
The coach hired by the Hollywood Elite
I work with a lot of coaches, and do coaching myself. David is a breed apart. Quiet, articulate, and remarkably insightful, he keeps the focus on the client’s needs, not his own ego. A wonderful experience.
— James A. Fassold - Probate Trust Litigation Attorney - Phoenix, Arizona
Consulting for high net worth individuals
Once in a while in life, you meet someone that changes your life in such a way that you’ll always remember the moment you met them and how grateful you are for it. David is one of those people for me and, 18 months later, continues to be a positive force of knowledge, motivation, deep insights and conversations. He’s a kind and wise soul that defies typical labels. He’s much more than a life coach or a mentor. David is someone you can explore and dive deeper into your path knowing he’ll always be there for you, and deeply devoted to working his magic with you to bring you where you need to go.
He has a subtle yet very powerful way of doing what he does. And it’s always done with love, care and the highest of intentions. David is such a gift to anyone he works with.
— Pascal Tremblay - Creative Lead & Founder - The Good Kind / Creative Solutions For Social Impact. Vancouver, BC
David asks the most fabulously uncomfortable questions with compassion and curiosity. I usually find myself chewing on those questions for days, and our conversations unfailingly lead me to some deeper understanding about what’s important, and help me find greater clarity about what I need to do. He’s creative, direct, gentle, and 100% trustworthy.

— Sara Lawson - Co-founder, Shorthand Consulting Leadership Consultant MPA, CFRE, CPCC - Seattle, Washington
I did not know what to expect from life coaching, but in the space of three months, I made more positive changes than I had in the last two years! I started working with David because I was stuck in a rut. Not only did he help me get out of this rut, but his ability to delve deeply into what makes me tick was life changing. His questions and practical approach always challenged and pushed me in positive ways. His ability to cut through the noise and get to the root of an issue is a true gift.
— Liam Seed - Body Transformation Coach- Vancouver, BC
David is more than an executive and leadership coach. He will support you to becoming the best human being possible. His approach is not ordinary or predictable. He will inspire you to breakthrough your toughest obstacles while providing the space for continued pause and reflection. Get ready to open yourself to new possibilities and own your life!
— Lorie Corcuera / Learning and Development Specialist, Facilitator, Speaker, Founder - Spark Creations
I started working with David at a time when I was feeling ‘trapped’. I hadn’t booked any work in months and was going through a rough bout of depression. I felt like David immediately understood me and designed a plan that worked incredibly well for me. My coaching was customized perfectly to fit my needs, and the goal setting and ‘homework’ he gave me was explorative and eye-opening. In the last four weeks of our coaching cycle together, I booked 4 jobs, not to mention feeling so much more free and liberated and excited about life again.

I have said this to my friends about my work with him and will say it again to anyone even remotely interested and considering life coaching... Best money I’ve ever spent. Total game changer for me.
— Debs Howard / Actress - Vancouver
David’s deep wisdom is the backbone of his coaching. During our time together he helped me see beyond the limited reality I had created for myself in my career and my relationships. Our conversations – which were practical, philosophical and energizing – have left me happier; I’m now living from a more authentic and powerful place. Thank you David for helping me deepen my values, and cut away the clutter to reveal what is most important in life.

— Robert / Entrepreneur - Santa Cruz, California