I wanted to have a different style to coaching. I had one previously that created dependence and required 2 calls a month. I wanted a coach that worked on my schedule and encouraged me to grow and become more independent. There are so many benefits I have experienced. Many of them have come from our conversations and there have also been many benefits from the book recommendations!
David is a Jedi. Someone who knows how to ask a better quality question and cut into the center of an issue. No pump up BS.
— Graham Wardle / Star - Heartland - CBC Television Series

David’s unique approach to coaching was a perfect fit for me. He has the ability to zone in on uncomfortable issues and offer constructive advice. His manner is firm and unwavering, sometimes with great humour but always with respect and understanding of the situation. There is usually a seed that he plants which if recognized and nurtured, provides that a-ha moment. I love David’s values, his openness, his commitment to showing you a better or different way - allowing you to acknowledge your “world” as your own creation. He never makes light of the fact that we belong to the human race, we all are challenged at times, we all have moments of great joy or great pain, and he is there listening and offering choices. It is then up to the individual to explore and decide which road they will travel on.
— Evelyn Singer / Realtor - Vancouver, British Columbia
I needed some support and direction through a big life transition. I chose you for your unique approach and perspective on life and living. A holistic and spiritual way yet a solid structure to build upon and move into action with. David is genuine in his work and concern for you and your life. He brings such a refreshing balance of straight talk, executive business coaching and spiritual counselling. Love it! A guide and support to help you along your journey, possibly light a fire under your bottom or/and give you fresh insight and food for thought about options, exploring dreams, new kinds of solutions in life. Let someone help you get to where you want to go.
— Janice W / Integrative Indigenous Life Coach & Healer
Healing Trauma through mindfulness

David has a deep insight and realistic approach to what matters most. His clarity and extraordinary ability to get to the point make this work sustainable. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone who needs some change.

— Leila Johnson - Yoga Therapist: 4 Directions Yoga Foundation - Los Angeles, California

Working with David has been a blessing. I look back at how lost and fragile I was a few months ago being faced with no direction in my life. I’m thankful for each moment I explored my values and dreams through his assignments. David opened an opportunity for me to rediscover my passions, embrace my values and work diligently towards making my dream business happen. I appreciate his approach because it focuses on making things happen, and it’s a key reminder that I matter first above anyone and anything to make it happen.
— Jennifer Blasova / Entrepreneur - Toronto, Ontario
Transformational coaching process
David’s coaching sessions with us, as a couple, and as individuals, were key in encouraging us to listen, explore and embrace the possibilities in our future. His skill in guiding our inquiries and identifying our values have helped us to outline a plan that we never would have imagined on our own. David truly has a gift for listening, questioning, and challenging you to live a life that is in tune with who you are, and what is important to you.
When people ask me who this David guy is...I say, “Oh, he’s my guru, and he can be yours too.”
— LeeAnn Stoermer / Health Care - Pierce County, Washington
Couples coaching to improve relationships

The coaching process was something that I had never experienced before. I felt like I was living in a fog and wasn’t sure if I was living my purpose. The depth of the conversations we had, the answers to my deepest questions, the realizations I saw after your suggestions of alternative perspectives was something that I’ll remember forever. I’ve never met someone with so much understanding of life and truths. I will continue this coaching in the future because there is so much more to discover. I value this type of growth most in life because it ties it all together.
— Jesse McDonald / CEO RE-MoveAll - New Jersey, NY
Coaching solutions for small business owners

I went to David hoping to find my calling. What I discovered was a new capacity for love and life, and leadership strengths I didn’t know I had. David always plays full out. His penchant for holding space and shining light in the darkest crevices not only showed me what I was really capable of but inspired me to be there in a new way for others.
— Katrina Greenfield Hanevelt /Truth Seeker - Victoria, BC
discover your life purpose

I was looking for a life coach for help with a career change. I wanted a coach with a spiritual element, and someone with whom I felt a personal connection. I knew from our first call that David’s co-active coaching was a good fit for me.
David was extremely professional, and always brought a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm to our coaching sessions, as well as a mindfulness and a present-moment focus. When I was having doubts about my path, or was feeling low, David always had complete faith in my vision, and always held that vision for me. Through him, I realized that reaching your goals is not just about doing, but about becoming and being, and that the journey is as important as the destination.
I would recommend his coaching for anyone looking for deeper meaning and fulfillment in their lives.
— Nidhi Bhandari / Engineer & Research Scientist - Saudi Arabia
Why coaching is effective
I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with David as he creates a safe space with his presence for me to dive deep within myself. His intuitive questions and thoughtful insights have empowered me to consciously create the life I want to live. I feel more curiosity, excitement and expansiveness towards challenges, knowing that a slight shift in perspective can open up a whole realm of possibilities.
— Alison Gregoire / Heart Centered Entrepreneur -Kelowna, British Columbia
heart centered Entrepreneurs

I really enjoyed working with David at a really pivotal time in my life. I walked into this thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and I realised that I had to ask more important questions first and David was extremely helpful in pointing that out and guiding me through the path of broadening my horizon. We had very important conversations that I would describe as philosophical. It was such a pleasure.
— Haitham El Khatib / Owner : Aleph Eatery - Vancouver, British Columbia

David is a professional, talented, thoughtful, and driven coach. He is extremely easy to talk to - a great listener who can ask important questions directly and with care. I decided to work with David because my sense of “life isn’t going the way I want it to” became too great and I wanted to do something about it.
David was an excellent guide and mentor in helping me decipher what is important to me and how to initiate meaningful change in my life. As well as providing fresh perspectives and understanding, David also helped me remember those that I had forgotten.
I highly recommend working with David - he is trustworthy, supportive, and conversations with David tend to have an inspirational element to them.
— Name Withheld / Engineer - Vancouver, British Columbia

David acted as my life coach during the last few months of an incredible turning point in my life. He supported me through the difficulties of selling a business I owned and operated for the last 18 years. His ability to help me through this difficult and emotional time by seeing a new perspective on many different levels proved invaluable. it helped me deal positively with the staff I have had for almost two decades as well as my own personal struggles with such a landmark in my life. I would highly recommend David to anyone dealing with a major change in their life.
— Salli Pateman / Restaurateur / Owner : SaiWoo - Vancouver

I am a retired, left-brain thinker who worked as an analyst most of my career and who likes, among other structured things, lists and being on time. When I retired, I quickly acquired an interest to explore and cultivate my creativity, to loosen up and to become braver and move outside my restrictive comfort zone. I wanted to keep the rest of my life interesting, fulfilling and happy but also to find a passion. However, experience with visiting my right brain was limited and I became stuck. So, with well-placed trust and a new-found openness (most of which I attribute to David’s methodology and to working over the phone), we began our journey together.

It was an amazing, life-changing, magical trip which left me with increased creativity, more balance, openness, fearlessness and happiness. How did it happen? David customized his process for me and I gave him my trust and commitment. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to work with him. It was an experience for which I will be forever grateful.
— Elizabeth Davidson / Retired - Richmond, British Columbia

I can’t believe how much changed for me in 6 weeks. It’s truly transformational work you’re doing.
— Shana Lee Gibson / Psychic & Spiritual Medium White Rock, British Columbia
Shana Lee Gibson testimonial

I decided to work with David at a point in my professional life when I was questioning what my next step was: staying in the corporate world or venturing out on a journey of passion in the entrepreneurial world. David became more than a coach. He challenged me, inspired me and most importantly reminded me of why I was looking for “more.” Through my journey of professional self discovery, David always helped return my manic mind to first priciples. What is your passion? Who do you want to be? One thing he told me that I will never forget is, “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.” It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.” My journey with David has helped me realize enough about myself that I’m confident in any path I decide to take in life
— Katrina Prokopy / Lawyer- Corporate Finance & Entrepreneur Toronto, Ontario
Executive coaching testimonial

At age 45, my life and health took a drastic turn. I had a stroke. I was physically and emotionally broken. David shared his wisdom with me and showed me how to see and feel my new situation. I became aware from the inside out that I was capable of making the necessary changes in my life to make my new challenges just another part of life. I am always employing his wisdom in my daily life, and his help will never be forgotten.

— Name Withheld / Motion Picture Industry - Vancouver, British Columbia

Working with David has been an absolute delight. I experienced life changing moments. David helped me look closely at my life and at the things that matter most and he helped me grow through areas in my life where I was afraid or not willing to look. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to do the work to change their life for the better.
— Susan Scarlett / Indigo Star Owner and Jewelry Designer Vancouver, British Columbia
Susan Scarlet testimonial

Dear David, It is with great thanks that I write this letter. Last year I suffered immense pain due to a near fatal automobile accident that my son was in. He was in a coma; the family was told that there was a good chance that he could die and we were told that if/when my son came out of the coma, the damage to his brain would be uncertain. David helped me get into a place where I was able to cope. There was no one, not family or friends, that were able to get me to this place of acceptance and understanding. Through his coaching, he was able to help me reach a very unreachable place in my head and heart and find more peace.

I had seen two prominent specialists, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist, to whom my Dr. referred me. These people were unable to help me in any significant manner, and all I received was a prescription. In direct contrast, David’s approach continues to be powerful, and has significantly helped me in this journey of recovery. I highly recommend his Life Coaching as a way to transform anything in your life.
— Name Withheld / Retired - Palm Springs, California

A friend sent me the link to David’s website and that is where I saw the inspiring video of David and Biscuit on the beach. I was embarking on an exciting new journey but recognized that there were still old beliefs holding me back from taking it in fully. When I heard David say that coaching is “sacred work” I knew that was the kind of support I wanted. With his gentle, focused direction I had multiple ‘aha’ moments that have really inspired and challenged me to see things with a new perspective. I always left our sessions feeling full of gratitude and excited about how I could share my gifts in a way that is meaningful to me. Thank you David!
— Lisa Kawalauskas / CPCC Coach, Sage Life Coaching- Okotoks, Alberta
Certified Life Coach Training

David is very insightful and brings clarity to a situation. He hits the nail on the head. He also has the ability to put on a different perspective that you have not considered before. I would recommend his coaching to any and everyone. It makes a difference.
— Sharon Robertson / Health Care Provider - Vancouver, British Columbia

I come to it with a blank slate, not knowing where the session is going to go, and leave feeling so much has been addressed that I wasn’t consciously aware of, issues that were definitely hiding under the surface and needed attention. I feel like David understands, and helps me realize my thoughts and feelings without being judgmental. An hour goes by effortlessly and still makes a great impact on my life/decisions/outlook. Realistic goals, no pressure, not pushy.
I think everyone should have a life coach. David knows how to lead the conversation in the right direction and asks the right questions that make the conversation worthwhile and ultimately helps you figure out who you are and what you truly want out of life.
— Nishi Lal / Health Care Vancouver British Columbia
One of Vancouver's top 6 life coachs David Frank Gomes
A whisper awakens my consciousness. Through the fog, a lighthouse pulses. It beckons me to swim across the lake. The light urges me on, as if calling my name. After some time and considerable effort I find myself safely on shore -Clarity comes as the fog dissipates. The lighthouse is not what I had expected, but you, holding up a mirror to me. With many Thanks David, for reflecting my inner light. I have come awake again, and can see more clearly.
— Randi / Artist - British Columbia

I started working with David in 2011 on the creation of my new website: www.champlainheights.com. The vision I had for this unique real estate website was to reflect the beauty of the Champlain neighbourhood and to create a site which promoted community building. David understood the concept immediately and was the sounding board I needed to develop the project. The ultimate result was better than expected and I attribute this to David’s creative abilities and focus. Thank you David!
— James Hampton / Realtor - Vancouver, British Columbia