David is a Jedi. Someone who knows how to ask a better quality question and cut into the center of an issue. No pump up BS.
I wanted to have a different style to coaching. I had one previously that created dependence.. I wanted a coach that worked on my schedule and encouraged me to grow and become more independent. There are so many benefits I have experienced. Many of them have come from our conversations and the book recommendations!
— Graham Wardle / Star - Heartland - CBC Television Series


I love the experience of being with another person in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I am constantly amazed at what gets generated when two people sit together, speak, and listen from a space of possibility.

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What I have observed over my years of coaching is that it’s always a tug of war between fear and desire when clients are finding their clear vision. My job is to help you define where your highest point of contribution lies and guide you to have the courage to claim that vision by putting it into action in the world. The vision is not a goal – it’s an organizing principle. It is a place to "come from" in everything we do and everything we are. A vision is not about size. It is about quality.

The greatest satisfaction I get from my work is helping people take a stand for something that matters to them, that improves the quality and depth of their life.

I have been working full time as a coach and mentor since 2012. I am also a principal of Orangzdoga people and culture consulting company. I am the founder of a unique Vancouver storytelling and relationship building eventWoo Talks.

I have worked with successful entrepreneurs, start-ups, C suite executives and high-performing professionals in the sectors of law, health care and finance and creatives in the arts and film and television.

My Enlighten Program

365 days of Deep, Personalized Support.

Epic Visioning. No limits.


In the coaching space, you have a mandate to explore, make mistakes, practice new skills and fine tune "yourself " without the usual distractions and pressures of getting everything perfect today.  This process is about getting real honest, figuring out what we need to do more of and what we need to leave behind to meet the challenges of your personal or professional lives.

Enlighten Coaching program.

The Enlighten Profile

They are a man or woman of almost any age, not defined so much by what by what they do for a living, but why it matters to themThey won't compromise deep seated values for short term gain. They know every part of their life is connected, so when they improve one aspect, it ripples out and touches all the other places in their life as well. 

They cultivate a vision for themselves and live it with deep purpose, even when it's messy, hard or they stumble or fail. Wins and losses don't define them because they recognize it the price of admission to a life of fulfillment.  They learn from their mistakes, and move on, knowing one day what they learned will come in handy to help someone else.

 They listen to their heart, follow their gut, are prepared to make difficult decisions and take decisive action when it's called for.

They are lifelong learners and risk takers.


They strive for a healthy balance in every aspect of living, so guilty pleasures are part of the rewards, which makes the healthy living even sweeter. They know how to throw a great party to celebrate a win, and they cherish spending time to think and dream and wonder.They value connection and community, and endeavor to foster healthy relationships.

How they get where they are going is as important as arriving.

They use money to make meaning and see it as part of a simple Eco-System for sustainable growth and true wealth.

These kind of people simply pursue a vision of excellence in everything they do, and leave it to others to decide if they are working or playing. To themselves, it always feels like both.


My Enlighten Program offers an intuitive and powerful way of working with me. I’ve created this approach without the rigid confines of schedules or limits.  Over many years of refining my process, I’ve discovered this open natural system delivers the best results over time.

Use it when you need it. Period. This is a flexible organic way to approach personal development. You can build as much accountability and structure into your coaching as you like, work at your own perfect pace, and dive deeper into your purpose and passions without being tied down by predefined appointments or time.

If you value the extraordinary benefits that only long-term support can offer, tap into the flexibility and scope of Enlighten and receive the inspiration and encouragement you need to create something new for yourself, on your own terms.  


What you receive:

  1. Powerful coaching and personal support *

  2. Values assessment and goal setting tools

  3. Support, encouragement and strategies so you don't fall back or quit

  4. An opportunity to make a breakthrough with the patterns that hold you back

  5. The space and opportunity to listen to your heart and take steps towards your dream

* Includes access to my private online coaching portal with a tangible, interactive work-space that facilitates communication, supports performance, includes journaling and other productivity tools and documents all your results and coaching history