Do you need to turn something around?

Become unstoppable

What if you had a way to consistently bring your best self to each situation, and you could no longer be defeated by doubts or overwhelm? What if you had the power to bounce back, sense and respond quickly, and keep moving forward even when things didn’t go  exactly as planned?

Discover your values

What would it be like to end your day feeling satisfied, because you know deep down you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing?  To be living your life by what matters most to you — and even helping others to do the same.

Bring your vision to life

What if you could do the things in life you’d given up on or talked yourself out of — those things that would bring so much joy and contentment to yourself and make a difference in the lives of your friends, family and community.


Don't worry, everything is going to be ok.

I can help you turn things around, and make it easier and less stressful to change anything in your life. Why do it alone?

Just hit relax and let's have a conversation to see how I can help


As a coach, I understand that everyone's path is unique, and that each of us have different obstacles and challenges to overcome.   My job is to see through the beliefs and habits that keep you struggling, and to inspire you to discover your own path forward.



What people say who work with me

David has the rare ability to create a completely safe space, one that he holds with the highest intention. I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed at the perfect time. In only 3 sessions, together we were able to zero in on what is my soul purpose.

I am now deep into a new project that is filling my me with joy and passion. David has a profound gift. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
— Michèle Duquet - Michèle’s Organics Inc - Toronto, Ontario
David is more than an executive and leadership coach. He will support you to becoming the best human being possible. His approach is not ordinary or predictable. He will inspire you to breakthrough your toughest obstacles while providing the space for continued pause and reflection. Get ready to open yourself to new possibilities and own your life!

— Lorie Corcuera / Learning and Development Specialist, Facilitator, Speaker, Founder - Spark Creations
I had a dream for 20 years, but never pursued it.
I started working with David and now I am living that dream.
Looking back, I couldn’t believe how much we have done in a year! Thank you, David.

— Vitaly Arkhipov / Co-Active Life Coach - Edmonton, Alberta
I would like to share my thoughts about David Gomes. I was in a negative place where nothing was the way I wanted it to be. After just a couple of sessions with David, who has incredible listening skills, compassion, respect and the knowledge to know when to ask you to dig deeper, I felt a significant shift in the way I perceived my world.
I learned strategies, tools and the belief that I am the Captain of my life, free to shape it anyway I wish. Today I am living the life I was only able to dream of prior to my coaching sessions with David. I am truly thankful for his wisdom and guidance. This process transformed me.

— Susan Marks - Retired Teacher - Alberta, Canada