What are the secret to the satisfaction manifesto?

The profile of  people who experience greater levels of satisfaction and happiness in their lives.

They are a man or woman of almost any age, not defined so much by what by what they do for a living, but why it matters to them. They won't compromise deep seated values for short term gain. They know every part of their life is connected, so when they improve one aspect, it ripples out and touches all the other places in their life as well. 

They cultivate a vision for themselves and live it with deep purpose, even when it's messy, hard or they stumble or fail. Wins and losses don't define them because they recognize it the price of admission to a life of fulfillment.  They learn from their mistakes, and move on, knowing one day what they learned will come in handy to help someone else.

 They listen to their heart, follow their gut, are prepared to make difficult decisions and take decisive action when it's called for.

They are lifelong learners and risk takers.

They strive for a healthy balance in every aspect of living, so guilty pleasures are part of the rewards, which makes the healthy living even sweeter. They know how to throw a great party to celebrate a win, and they cherish spending time to think and dream and wonder.They value connection and community, and endeavor to foster healthy relationships.

How they get where they are going is as important as arriving.

They use money to make meaning and see it as part of a simple Eco-System for sustainable growth and true wealth.

These kind of people simply pursue a vision of excellence in everything they do, and leave it to others to decide if they are working or playing. To themselves, it always feels like both.