I had a dream for 20 years, but never pursued it.
I started working with David and now I am living that dream.
Looking back, I couldn’t believe how much we have done in a year! Thank you, David.

— Vitaly Arkhipov - Edmonton, Alberta


My Enlighten Programs

Deep, personalized support. Epic Visioning. No limits.

In the coaching space, you have a mandate to explore, make mistakes, practice new skills and fine tune "yourself " without the usual distractions and pressures of getting everything perfect today.  This process is about getting real honest, figuring out what we need to do more of and what we need to leave behind to meet the challenges of your personal or professional lives.

Enlighten Coaching program.

My Enlighten Programs offers an intuitive and powerful way of working with me. I’ve created this approach without the rigid confines of schedules or limits.  Over many years of refining my process, I’ve discovered this open natural system delivers the best results over time.

Use it when you need it. Period. This is a flexible organic way to approach personal development. You can build as much accountability and structure into your coaching as you like, work at your own perfect pace, and dive deeper into your purpose and passions without being tied down by predefined appointments or time.

If you value the extraordinary benefits that only long-term support can offer, tap into the flexibility and scope of Enlighten and receive the inspiration and encouragement you need to create something new for yourself, on your own terms.  


What you receive:

  1. Powerful coaching and personal support *
  2. Values assessment and goal setting tools
  3. Support, encouragement and strategies so you don't fall back or quit
  4. An opportunity to make a breakthrough with the patterns that hold you back
  5. The space and opportunity to listen to your heart and take steps towards your dream

* Includes access to my private online coaching portal with a tangible, interactive work-space that facilitates communication, supports performance, includes journaling and other productivity tools and documents all your results and coaching history

Simple Fine Print:

  • Includes access to your own private online coaching portal for the duration of your plan.
  • Conversations take place by phone or skype   ( or in person on a limited basis if applicable )
  • There are no refunds on coaching plans.
  •  If you have serious extenuating circumstances such as health issue during the coaching, we can create options to stop and start again.



Stand Alone Sessions

Perfect for someone who just wants an occasional check in but no formal structure - just use them as you need them when something comes up for you, or you want some extra support or need a quick boost. This is perfect if you have already been doing coaching for a while.

Simple Fine Print: 

  • All sessions must be used within one year of purchase
  • These are for phone or Skype only
  • There are no refunds
  • does not include online coaching or coaching portal