We interrupt this moment to bring you another moment.

Would you be willing to accept the moments of worry, fear and uncertainty in your mind as temporary guests, and receive them with compassion, without feeling obliged to serve them a five-course meal and invite them to live in your house?

That’s mindfulness in action


Contentment is possible right now. All we need to do is stop the unstoppable mind, the endless stream of thinking. Our conscious thinking often takes us over, like a computer that takes control of it's owner, or a cruel dictator who keeps you in a prison of fear. Repetitive negative thinking leads us to lose track of ourselves, and it happens so gradually we don't even notice, till we wake up one day and ask ..is this all there is to life?

By questioning our stressful thoughts, and getting the the bottom of them, by using present moment awareness and active coaching strategies, we can stop bashing up against life and start working with it. Many people call it the flow state.

Ponder this mind bending idea:

It's not possible to have a problem without believing a previous thought.

Gentle awareness practice will help you discover more contentment in your daily life, and more contentment is the beginning of developing mastery in the art of happiness. It will help you keep the moment fresh and new.

When you were born a seed was planted on this earth. That seed is your uniqueness and undreamed of potential, waiting to become itself.

What does that seed need to grow, transform itself, and flower to its full bloom?

Your life’s obligation is to answer that question.

You have a destiny to fulfill. The stronger you feel and stay connected to it, the greater your chance to achieve it. Here is some fertilizer for the seeds of your destiny.

  • Be hopeful when it is difficult to be hopeful;
  • Be patient when it is difficult to be patient;
  • Keep moving when you want to give up;

Biscuit says.. Enjoy the day and find yourself the perfect stick!

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