10 valuable principles that will improve your life dramatically.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
— Leonardo da Vinci - Artist, Inventor, Scientist
How to become a super star in your own life!


Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and how to change that

The New Year is a powerful opportunity to create a direction for our lives and shape how our year will turn out.  Recognition is all any of us needs to make a start and a desire to experience something new for ourselves. But while so many people aspire to achieve ambitious goals, only 12% ever experience the taste of victory. 156 million people (that’s 156,000,000) will probably give up on their resolution before you can say “2018.” 

Don’t be afraid of failing. Be afraid of being in the the exact same spot in a year from now.

 The solution


Set the stage for the year ahead and design & then deploy the success and happiness you want and deserve. When it comes to your life, words are not enough. Good ideas are not enough. We must ask ourselves the right questions and take small but steady actions on a daily basis.

Actions are life

Action and non-action work together. There is a time to rest and a time to act. When you imagine what you wish to experience in your life, you are clearing your path in advance by using the power of intention. When you know what you wish to experience, and set your intention, and see it in your minds eye, all that is left out is to begin to walk on your path.

Now, your plan, your path, and your walking all become one and the same step.

NOW or LATER. Say both words out loud and ask yourself which you prefer in relation to living your life in 2018 and achieving something that has been on your mind. 

If you chose later over now, you can stop reading this and download my guide to ending procrastination.  But if you want to make some changes, read on.


Goal setting made painless

Who do you want to be in 2018? What goals would help you to experience that?

Pick three goals you want to accomplish:

  • A easy goal   (Every month)
  • A difficult goal   (6 months to a year)
  • A goal, that if you achieved it would astonish you.  ( No time limit on this one, it may take a lifetime)

The secret

Our goals are best achieved indirectly…focus on the behaviour and the guiding vision and the experience you wish to have and let the goals spring from that.  We learn about the nature of the objectives and the means of achieving them during a process of experiment and discovery. 

Succeed not by chasing nothing dollar alone, but by living in your values, doing something you love that includes benefiting others, and focus on the vision of your life, all plans walk you in that direction and the goals now just become the road signs you pass as you walk your path and live your life.

You can see by this infographic how Steve Job took an indirect route to creating Apple. 


How quickly later becomes never

I want to change my life but i don't know how

Everyone suffers from the Someday Bug at points in their lives, and lets face it, there are times we just won't follow through on things.

That's ok, but when it starts to become a debilitating habit because underneath procrastination there is always fear, then we need to introduce some medicine to cure the issue.


The Medicine

10 simple principles for living

1.  Be unreasonable

Wait a second. What? I'm just saying you can set realistic goals, but everyone can also create an unrealistic goal and strive to fulfill it. And the good news is, it doesn't matter if you do. For example, when I wore a younger mans clothes I got the crazy impossible idea to make a feature film, which I wrote produced and directed. I had an impossibly small budget and everybody told me it was impossible. Sure I had to get 40 people to work free for 17 days but I did it. How? I told them about my dream and asked them to be a part of it. So pick a big idea and dig into it. Just for the sheer pleasure of it.

2. The Equality of all steps

One simple and really powerful technique is to see all steps as equal. There are no unimportant steps. They all matter but especially the first one. Take it.

3.Fall in love with uncomfortable

What if...It's not uncomfortable. It's just new. It means you are involved in doing something fresh in your life. You can use uncomfortable to your advantage if you realize it's part of adding to your body of wisdom. Are you not smart enough to solve it, or have you just not solved it yet?

4.The Ignore list

You're going to need one of these if you want accomplish anything important in your life. If what you're doing does not support you long term vision, it's not valuable in the long run. Period.

5.Go your own way

Stop living other people's ideas about your life and just do it your way. Many people get so caught up with the idea of how it's supposed to be in their head, they "someday" their own hopes and dreams. Don't you be one of them.

6.Get Strategic

Until you start doing something, you're still doing nothing. You need a plan. Think like an architect. You are designing a life to live in. With a plan and strategy, you'll know what to do when you get stuck in the inspiration gap or something comes up to thwart you.

7.Eliminate the clutter

Clutter overwhelms people. If your life is cluttered, chances are your mind is cluttered too, which leads to putting things off till "someday". Clear your life and free your mind.

8.Invest in your greatest asset

You can struggle on your own, or build a success by getting the support you need. Invest in your personal growth or training every year. It's as important as holidays and gadgets, and to be honest, over time it's critical to your happiness and more valuable than stuff.

9.Don't look over there

If you compare yourself to others you have two options. You will see yourself as "better than" or "not enough." The truth is you are always in the middle, so stop leaking energy and forget about the other folks. You are a unique creation in the universe, and that's good.

10.Don't forget to have some fun

You've got to figure out a way to make the next step feel like you want the end result to feel. So start enjoying the process, it's everything. It's so important I used an exclamation mark!

Please don't step over your success, however small you might think it is. Celebrate your victories and accept your defeats and reward yourself in some magical way. It doesn't have to involve spending money it could be simple as a walk on the beach, or laying in some lush grass and watching a cloud floating in the sky.


I hope 2018 is full of great surprises and delights for you.
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