The question i get asked most often is... how will what you do help me?

I think it will help you because you'll get a chance to explore your life in a safe non judgmental way, with room to make mistakes, experiment, stretch your limits and receive consistent support and encouragement.  It's an invitation and an opportunity to step outside the bubble of our own daily life.

The coaching process is like personal growth accelerator - an incubator for becoming your best self.

For many us, we become so obsessively focused on getting ahead and "pushing hard" we create more problems than we solve. It often seems like the more we chase what we want, the more elusive it often becomes.

  • Have you ever struggled to change something in your life, and not had much success, in spite of how hard you tried?
  • Have you ever played it safe when you secretly wanted to break out and try something new?
  • Have you ever felt like you needed a fresh perspective and couldn't find it from your friends, your spouse,  your boss or a well intentioned family member?
  • Have you ever felt like you were not leveraging your talent or potential, but just didn't know where to start figuring it out?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I invite you to explore what Whole Life Coaching can do for you.




Significance is a vision & purpose in action, which naturally creates success without having to chase it.

     Who is this guy?

My grade 5 teacher said I was creative but had a tendency to be disruptive.
I have been called a sugarcoated idealist, however, I like to think of myself as more optimistic than that. I connect the dots and find the heartbeat in people and ideas. I make change happen easier and faster than doing it on your own, and I offer a safe, patient non-judgmental space to figure stuff out about yourself and your life.  

After exploring my website, you'll have a clear understanding about my approach, and you can choose to try a session with me or contact me if you still have questions. You can learn more about my story here.  

Thanks for dropping by.

David Frank Gomes
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David asks the most fabulously uncomfortable questions with compassion and curiosity. I usually find myself chewing on those questions for days, and our conversations unfailingly lead me to some deeper understanding about what’s important, and help me find greater clarity about what I need to do. He’s creative, direct, gentle, and 100% trustworthy.

Sara Lawson - Co-founder, Shorthand Consulting Leadership Consultant MPA, CFRE, CPCC
Seattle, Washington

David’s coaching work produces subtle yet powerful results. He is intuitive, thought provoking and challenges you to stand in your own power. With just a few simple words, David had a profound effect on me when I shared a work related issue I was dealing with.

Douglas Stockley - Keller Williams Realty:
Los Angeles, California