Hi. I'm David Frank Gomes

 I offer people a safe confidential way to work stuff out about themselves,  solve problems, create change and find deeper purpose and meaning in dally life. 

My grade 5 teacher said I was creative but had a tendency to be disruptive.  I connect the dots and find the heartbeat in people and ideas. I'm not interested in self help platitudes. I'm interested in effective solutions.  I want to help you create the conditions necessary for happiness and success.


Increase Your Self Realization

Create deeper life satisfaction by improving your Self Awareness.

know what to aim for

Gain Clarity

 Know yourself and get clear about what you are aiming for.

The empowerment process that will change your life

Empower Yourself

Take charge of your story and reach your true potential with the empowerment
mindset that increases success.


The Happiness Exchange Rate

Growth mindset

If the purpose of investing your time and money is to create happiness for yourself and your loved ones, then anything that allows you to get more happiness out of life is a wise investment.

The Happiness Exchange Rate is the principle that every choice is an investment or unit of experience, exchanged for happiness. Those experiences may grow you and bring fulfillment and meaning, which will increase your well being, or deplete you and bring struggle and confusion.

What I have learned

Over the years of working with many people, I started to notice a pattern. Those individuals who have the highest levels of  satisfaction have a common denominator, and guess what - it's not wealth, brains or work ethic. They just have a higher Happiness Exchange Rate.

I have discovered that anyone can develop the capacity to improve their Happiness through a few key principles and characteristics which I outline in the Satisfaction Manifesto

Whole Life Coaching is a system based on this discovery.

Client Testimonials

David is a caring soul who has always paid close attention to the journey of the heart. He has never moved with the crowd but rather always sought his own pathway to contentment and serenity. I found myself in deep conversations with him about the issues in my own journey. It is in his very nature to listen and care about what he is hearing. He has a very intuitive way of helping people find their own path of self realization and move closer to their destiny. I feel this isn’t something David has learned as much as is a gift that he has been born with.

— Michael Haldane / Executive Producer - NorthKamp
Clients speak about transformation they experienced
The power of coaching with David Frank Gomes
David asks the most fabulously uncomfortable questions with compassion and curiosity. I usually find myself chewing on those questions for days, and our conversations unfailingly lead me to some deeper understanding about what’s important, and help me find greater clarity about what I need to do. He’s creative, direct, gentle, and 100% trustworthy.

— Sara Lawson - Co-founder, Shorthand Consulting Leadership Consultant MPA, CFRE, CPCC Seattle, Washington