The question I get asked most often is:   What is Whole Life Coaching and how might it help me?

The truth is, you don't need a coach. Lots of people live good lives without one, and let's face it, many of us are weary of spending money on personal development. This type of spending may seem a little self indulgent or even a luxury - but it can be a huge leverage point on every aspect of how you spend your one true resource, your life energy.

What if you could spend a few thousand dollars and improve the return you get on all the other areas of your life. Would you consider that a luxury?

If the aim of investing your life energy and money is to secure happiness for yourself and others, then anything that allows you to get more happiness out of the experiences of your life is a wise investment. I think of it as the Happiness Exchange Rate -  every choice is an investment or unit of happiness, exchanged for experiences. Those experiences may grow you and bring fulfillment and meaning, or deplete you and bring struggle and confusion.

What I have noticed over the years in the work I do is that people who have high levels of satisfaction have common denominators, and it's not that they are richer, smarter or work harder than you do. They just have a much higher Happiness Exchange Rate, which they have cultivated, and the fact is, anybody can develop it through the proper Mindset.

Whole Life Coaching naturally improves the Happiness Exchange Rate through the development of this mindset.

The Fulfillionaire Mindset.

A Fulfillionaire is man or woman of any age, not so much defined by what they do for a living, but why it matters to them. They won't compromise deep seated values for short term gains. They live in a circle, knowing every part of their life is connected. Improve one thing, and everything else gets better too.

They cultivate a vision for their life and live it on purpose, even when it's messy or hard.  They listen to their heart, follow their gut, are prepared to make difficult decisions and take decisive action when it's called for.

What is a fulfillionaire? It a person who is committed to fulfilment and purpose

They've got a map of where they're heading, but aren't afraid to put it down when they get curious and go off the beaten path. They value experimentation. They look to feed their passion rather than their pain. Wins and losses are part of the game for them, so they don't define themselves by either. They focus on progress, not perfection.

Mistakes don't freak them out, they code them into their learning and development and move on without wasting time in regret.

They are born risk takers and life long learners.

                                    Happiness Exchange Rate.

A Fulfillionaire strives for a healthy balance in every aspect of life, so guilty pleasures are part of the rewards, which makes the healthy living even sweeter! They know how to throw a great party to celebrate a win, and they cherish spending time to think and dream.

They value connection and community, and endeavor to foster healthy relationships. How they get where they are going is as important as arriving.

They use money to make meaning and see it as part of a simple Eco-System for sustainable growth and true wealth.

Fufillionaire's simply pursue a vision of excellence in everything they do, and leave it to others to decide if the are working or playing.

To themselves, they always seem to be doing both.

David asks the most fabulously uncomfortable questions with compassion and curiosity. I usually find myself chewing on those questions for days, and our conversations unfailingly lead me to some deeper understanding about what’s important, and help me find greater clarity about what I need to do. He’s creative, direct, gentle, and 100% trustworthy.

— Sara Lawson - Co-founder, Shorthand Consulting Leadership Consultant MPA, CFRE, CPCC Seattle, Washington
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My grade 5 teacher said I was creative but had a tendency to be disruptive.  I've been referred to as a talent amplifier, a teacher, a fixer and a Jedi like problem solver. I connect the dots and find the heartbeat in people and ideas, and I offer a safe, confidential way to figure stuff out about yourself and your life and purpose.

You can learn more about my story here and watch this brief film if you are curious about my philosophy.

You can learn more about my process here

David is a caring soul who has always paid close attention to the journey of the heart. He has never moved with the crowd but rather always sought his own pathway to contentment and serenity. I found myself in deep conversations with him about the issues in my own journey. It is in his very nature to listen and care about what he is hearing. He has a very intuitive way of helping people find their own path of self realization and move closer to their destiny. I feel this isn’t something David has learned as much as is a gift that he has been born with.
— Michael Haldane / Executive Producer - NorthKamp
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David is more than an executive and leadership coach. He will support you to becoming the best human being possible. His approach is not ordinary or predictable. He will inspire you to breakthrough your toughest obstacles while providing the space for continued pause and reflection. Get ready to open yourself to new possibilities and own your life!
— Lorie Corcuera / Learning and Development Specialist, Facilitator, Speaker, Founder - Spark Creations
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David’s coaching work produces subtle yet powerful results. He is intuitive, thought provoking and challenges you to stand in your own power. With just a few simple words, David had a profound effect on me when I shared a work related issue I was dealing with.

— Douglas Stockley - Space LA, Los Angeles, California
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David in genuine in his work and concern for you and your life. He brings such a refreshing balance of straight talk, business coaching and spiritual counseling. Love it!
A guide and support to help you along your journey, possibly light a fire under your bottom and give you fresh insight and food for thought about options, exploring dreams, new kinds of solutions in life. Let someone help you get to where you want to go.
— Janice W / Integrative Indigenous Life Coach and Healer

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Build more fulfillment and purpose into your life and get epic stuff done.

The FULFILLIONAIRE COACHING PROGRAM offer the most flexible, intuitive and powerful way of working with me.

I’ve created this approach without the rigid confines of schedules or limits.  Over many years of refining my process, I’ve discovered this open natural system delivers the best results over time.

Use it as much as you need it, when you need it. Period. This is for you if you’re looking for a more organic way to approach personal development. You can build as much accountability and process into your coaching as you like, work at your own perfect pace, and dive deeper into your purpose and passions without worrying or being tied down by pre-defined appointments.

If you value the extraordinary benefits that only long-term support can offer, then tap into the flexibility and scope of Enlighten and receive the inspiration and encouragement you need to create something new for yourself, on your own terms. No limits.  Rapid Response.  Deep, personalized support.  Epic Visioning.

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* Includes access to my private online coaching portal with a tangible, interactive work-space that facilitates communication, supports performance, includes journaling and other productivity tools.  Document all your results and entire coaching history